Concrete Services

Competitive concrete services offered to all Auckland residential customers

Our Auckland landscape contractors offer a comprehensive range of concrete solutions from concrete pumping to foundations and decorative concrete driveways. With more than 15 years of expertise, Empire Excavations is proud to offer the following concrete services:

  • Concrete driveways - plain and coloured concrete; stamped and exposed aggregate
  • Paving - customised paving slabs for courtyards, patios, driveways and paths
  • Foundations - precast slabs, reinforced and ground level concrete foundation options

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Our paving contractors specialise in a range of concrete finishes

Empire Excavations offers the following concrete finishes:

Plain concrete - Plain concrete is our most frequently chosen finish, where the end result can be as smooth or textured as desired. Depending which area is being concreted, a more textured finish is recommended to avoid slipping hazards

Exposed aggregate - Exposed aggregate is durable and attractive, making for an increasingly popular concrete finish choice. Many customers like to customise the colour which we achieve by adding black oxide.

Coloured concrete - Coloured concrete is often chosen for patio or small courtyard areas. Although coloured concrete can be difficult to work with due to complications with colour matching, it is still the desired finish for some customers.

Stamped concrete - Stamped concrete is the result of poured concrete that is stamped before it dries - creating a specific pattern. The effect of this concrete finish is striking and aesthetically pleasing.

Empire Excavations are not just concrete contractors

Empire Excavations are more then your average concreting company and are proud to offer a range of complementary services from landscape construction to earthmoving, landscaping along with all your regular concreting services. Empire Excavations service all of Auckland including Central Auckland, North Shore, West Auckland and Rodney.

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